Create beautiful documentation from .NET code and comments.

Generating great looking easy to use documentation from .NET code and comments has just become a whole lot easier.

Generate documentation fast

Quickly turn code and comments to beautiful help files. Make generating documentation a joy not a chore.

View documentation live

See your documentation always live, always up-to-date. Read it like a book, hot off the press.

Integrate documentation simply

Join up with your existing processes. Software that feels at home everywhere.
Screen shot of Live Documenter

Generating documentation has never been so easy. Get it now, it’s free.



View your documentation – live.


Always live, always up-to-date

The Live Documenter desktop application can point straight at a library, project or solution. Immediately displaying well formatted documentation.


Information at your fingertips.

Fast searching is built in, find the information you’re looking for quickly.


Exceptional performance.

Providing live up-to-date documentation at high speed is important when you want your documenter to help, not hinder, your development process. Live Documenter loads large projects at lightening quick speed.


Generate your documentation fast.

Configuration made easy.

Configuring what and how you want your documentation to include and look like need not be complicated. Live Documenter provides a simple configuration process to get you going quickly.


Export to everything.

Live Documenter provides export functionality to create HTML Help 1, HTML Help 2, XML, Web and Help Viewer 1. If you don’t get what you want out of the box, Live Documenter makes it easy to create new export formats using XSLT and export configuration files. You can also export to multiple formats in one go.

Generate it fast.

Live Documenter is fast! It will produce a website from code and comments containing around 5000 types and members in around 1 minute.


Integrate everywhere.

Include in existing build process.

Live Documenter provides a command line utility that can be easily included in existing build processes. Use the power of Live Documenter straight away.


API for everything else.

The Live Documenter .NET API can be integrated in to applications, web sites, intranets – anywhere you have .NET code, you can have all the power of Live Documenter and all the flexibility you need to fit your documentation anywhere.


.NET documentation unleashed.



Desktop application.

Documentation viewer, always live always up-to-date.


Command line utility.

Tool for automation and integration.


Documentation API.

Flexibility and control.

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