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Generated documentation has always been static, it get’s created as part of a build, then sits there getting out of date. That’s all well and good when you have released an API which won’t change until your next release. But shouldn’t all those comments work a little harder for you?

We believe that if you make the documentation in projects more visible and useful, the documentation will be kept up to date and rich. The Live Documenter does this. Quickly showing nicely laid out documentation on working projects, what’s more, when the project is rebuilt Live Documenter notices this and shows the latest information.


Live View of documentation

The latest documentation always available.


Keep it open while developing and enjoy the fruits of your commenting labour.

Working on a new project?

Trawling through code and comments when you jump on board with an existing project can be a difficult task. Live Documenter makes it easier by providing this live view of the documentation and quick searching through the entire project. Find the information you need right away.


Fast searching

Fast searching.


Here are two reasons why Live Documenter is the tool for you. We will provide more details of the software regularly as we run up to release day. Stay tuned.


  1. Guys, I miss you and can’t wait for awesome looking documentation! Don’t want to invest time and money to old and crappy solutions.

    • Your wait is over! It’s now available.


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