Bug fix release v2.0.4

A new release of the Live Documenter is available which addresses a couple of bugs and changes the export functionality. The change in export is to now create a new directory in the selected folder.

The latest version can be downloaded here. If you do not have a licence you can download the latest version as a trial here.

Here is a complete list of fixes from V2.0.0

  • Fixed application start up issue, when started from Windows 8 start menu.
  • Fixed incorrect time display issue after export.
  • Enhancements to readability of documentation in the Desktop viewer.
  • Usability enhancements.
  • Export now exports to a sub folder of the chosen directory.

As always we are happy to hear any views on the software or ideas for future enhancements. Please contact us at support@theboxsoftware.com.

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